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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
1:20 am
Extra Special Helping.

Cross posted from my LJ. I don't even know where to start.


Random IMer wants me to meet their random friend randomly for a possible roommate when I never said I wanted a roomate anywhere? O.o Eh?.. just read it, it's pretty good.

[13:09] BrokenFur: you got a space to rent?

[13:10] nightflurry: No.. who's this anyway?

[13:10] BrokenFur: from the boards you replied to

[13:10] nightflurry: which one would that be :P

[13:11] BrokenFur: michiganfurs

[13:11] nightflurry: ah.. when did I say I had room? o.o

[13:11] BrokenFur: just asking

[13:11] nightflurry: Who are ya on there?

[13:12] BrokenFur: http://www.michiganfurs.com/forum/index.php?topic=5271.0

[13:13] nightflurry: -nodnod- Yeah, sorry. I'm looking into buying a house this year but right now I got nothing

[13:13] BrokenFur: well, he's driving near you atm... mind if he visits?

[13:14] nightflurry: who?

[13:14] BrokenFur: Elphias

[13:15] BrokenFur: that's his FA name, too

[13:16] nightflurry: Ok o.o Well that person wasn't in the thread you linked me to... and no. Sorry. I got work soon and besides this is a bit creepy.  I mean if I had said I was looking for a roomate I guess I can understand but not with someone just randomly messaging me and linking me to a thread when I ask who they are then mentioning some random third person and asking if they can stop by?

[13:18] BrokenFur: chill out

[13:18] BrokenFur: i mean, you wouldn't know me anyways

[13:19] BrokenFur: i just ask cuz ya know making new friends is 'social'?

[13:19] BrokenFur: something unheard of, I know.

[13:27] nightflurry: I don't let random internet people over to my place, sorry dude. Especially when they don't say who they are and are asking for a third person to drop by :P You want to make friends that's fine but this is one weird ass method. Tell your friend to talk to me on his own if he wants.

No clue who this guy was and his link he provided didn't really correspond with what he was talking about.
Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
1:45 pm
Here's something.
Crossposted from my LJ

She was talking about the MIfur forum, and I had mentioned it was relatively dead compared to what it used to be. (Yeah yeah. I stand corrected.)


Brokenfur: Its not dead - because I breathed life into it.

Brokenfur: And now I'm being punished for it

nightflurry: you...breathed life into it. That's a little overdramatic don't you think?

Brokenfur: It was a figure of speech ><;

nightflurry: Pretty akward one

Brokenfur: Its how I talk?

nightflurry: Makes yoiu sound totally full of yourself :P

Brokenfur: I'm a writer. ><; I talk different than most people, because I have my own style.- That i've created. It was a way to describe something, in a manner of speaking. Two people have told me already it was dead before I came. - and now its alive again. So. Think what you want.

Brokenfur: I'm probably the least full of myself person you could ever meet to be honest.

Brokenfur: And its because Life has Jaded me. The things I've been through, have made me a better person, and I've learned.

nightflurry: You don't sound like it. But I don't know you well enough.

Brokenfur: See, you dont know me at all and yet here you hvae this preconsieved notion about me. Thats totally absurd.

Brokenfur: *have

nightflurry: No, I'm going on what little I do know. I'm trying to ignore that and get to know you better. You're not helping

Brokenfur: To be honest I really dont care what you think, I dont care what most people think of me, I'm who I am IRL online, and if you cant deal with it, then thats your own problem. I'm me, I dont hide behind a fasod of someone I'm not to make myself look better, I am - the person I am down to the core.

nightflurry: I don't even know you IRL xD Already assume I hate you. Ya know what. Have it your way. Isn't worth my time to even try. Oh, and I write too, but I don't write novels about my own character history because I'm not egotistical enough to think anyone gives a flying fuck. I don't make a big deal about breathing life into something by making a few posts on a message board either. Saving a few people from a burning car wreck? That's a savingI can respect, and I've done that. Guess how often I tell people :P About never. I gave it a try, you couldn' take the barest hint of a question that you percieved as harsh. Jaded my ass. Enjoy life
Thursday, May 1st, 2008
4:59 pm
Not sure This Counts.
Not really sure this is good brokenfur material, but I can't stop giggling over this one. Crossposted from my own journal.

This dude always bugs me with annoying conversations that make no sense. Today he really got me good. This was the start of the conversation too, nothing preceded it as you might think.

[16:49] BrokenFur: is it possible to be an even bigger asshole then your trying to be?
[16:49] Nightflurry: hm?
[16:49] BrokenFur: no your as in you, your as indication of a person
[16:49] BrokenFur: is it possible to be an even bigger asshole then one lets himself out to be?
[16:50] BrokenFur: there i worded it better =3
[16:50] Nightflurry: You just lost me
[16:50] BrokenFur: lol
[16:50] BrokenFur: i think too much...i need sex to stop me from thinking ><
[16:50] Nightflurry: o,o
[16:51] BrokenFur: as I said is it possible to be an even bigger asshole then what someone already is?
[16:51] Nightflurry: ?
[16:51] Nightflurry: Can you be a bigger asshole than you already are?
[16:52] Nightflurry: How big an asshole are you? You can always be more of an asshole
[16:52] Nightflurry: What the fuck are you talking about?
[16:52] BrokenFur: you just answered my question =3
[16:52] Nightflurry: Yes, I know, I'm being an asshole, but if you made any goddamn sense half the time maybe I wouldn't be.
[16:52] Nightflurry: I have no idea what you're talking about
[16:52] BrokenFur: fine i wont ask you anything else, good day
[16:52] Nightflurry: Thanks
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
4:33 pm
In need of ritilin
Oy, I just wake up and all of a sudden this fur jumps at me, typing a mile a minute.

(1:45:09 PM) *Broken-fur*: Hi. Are you there?
(1:45:18 PM) *Broken-fur*: hi im *Broken-fur* formt he forum
(1:45:25 PM) *Broken-fur*: how are you ?
(1:45:32 PM) *Broken-fur*: sarry spellings bad
(1:46:34 PM) dark tigger: yo
(1:47:43 PM) *Broken-fur*: hello
(1:47:50 PM) dark tigger: I'm doing alright *scratches head* just woke up
(1:47:51 PM) *Broken-fur*: how are you ?
(1:48:02 PM) *Broken-fur*: thats cool
(1:48:04 PM) *Broken-fur*: im good to
(1:49:44 PM) *Broken-fur*: umm are you into werewolves art at all or comic books or video games or movies or waching on poltics or poltical history of world war two thos are some of my intrest as is scifi stuff umm i like girls that wearin black dog collars umm sorta with percieings and highlights of red int here hair umm also girls that like to wear boys sweatpants if thats a problum i just find it cute on some girls lol i don't know what do you like?
(1:51:15 PM) *Broken-fur*: i hope that is't two hard to understand im not vary good with grammer lol sarry
(1:57:20 PM) *Broken-fur*: you must be busy im gessing i hope that did't disturb you or anything?


Current Mood: surprised
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
9:15 pm
Silly furs
I was just looking through the Michigan section on Pounced! and I saw this picture that caused me to say, "mmm, she's cute." ....

Than I looked at the gender. "That's a guy! No way"

Mind you, with my wide and varied tastes, that isn't a huge issue. It just took me by suprise.

Current Mood: weird
Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
11:00 am
Web MD is no Substitute
Walking around Anthrocon this year I had 7 individual people tell me they had "Asperger's Syndrome." Several of them were quite annoying individuals and half of them even said they had it within the first 3 minutes of conversation. I asked all 7 of them if their psychologist had been able to give them any help.

All 7 of them said "Oh I’m self diagnosed."

There’s a difference between being a poorly adjusted asshole and having a psychological disorder.

Current Mood: aggravated
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
9:01 am
To get the ball rolling...
Since this is the post that inspired the creation of this community I figured it should be the first post made. I've crossposted this from my own journal.

From the bowels of the internet cometh he

Why is it that the most broken furries ever seem to message me? I got a message from someone I’ve never met or spoke to yesterday that managed to hit practically every annoyance on the head. It started out with a fairly minor one and just built. Unfortunately I was using a system that does not have logging turned on so I can’t just paste the conversation in, but I shall paraphrase.

Brokenfur: Hey! I’m from Michigan too!

Me: Neat! Pleased to meet you

Brokenfur: I’m a fox/dragon/wolf/tiger/raccoon hybrid. I started off as just a fox then I decided I wanted to be a wolf but I didn’t want to give up the black paws so I was then a wolf with fox paws and a fox tail then I decided I wanted dragon wings but didn’t want to be a full reptile so I added wings, then I decided I wanted stripes like a tiger and then I got tired of my fox tail so now I have a raccoon tail and the raccoon mask around my eyes.

Me:...is that a fact.

Brokenfur: Yeah I think I’m the only babyfur who is a Fox/dragon/wolf/tiger/raccoon. I usually get my character drawn wearing a diaper with paws across the front. I’m into vore too.

Me: ...well isn’t that special.

Brokenfur: Yeah vore is great *eyes your footpaws hungrily.*

Me: Huh?

Brokenfur: Just thinking about eating you. I always start form the feet and work my way up. I really like footpaws. Could you send me a picture of yours?

Me: Um... no.

Brokenfur: I love looking at pictures of feet, and fursuit feet. I think I read that you make fursuits.

Me: From time to time.

Brokenfur: That’s cool, I wish someone would make me a suit, but I’ve got no money.

Me: Yeah fursuits are expensive...

Brokenfur: Could you make me a suit? I don’t have any money but I’d be really grateful!

Me: I don’t have money and time to spend on people I don’t know.

Brokenfur: But you do know me, we’ve been talking. Plus I mean we’re both furries so we’re practically family. Besides even if we aren’t we’re all brothers in Christ. Have you been saved?

Me: *Franticly clicks the block button*

Now I would have ended it sooner but I was kind of curious how far he would go. I mean its ok to have fetishes but you dont throw them in someones face in teh first 5 minutes of conversation. When he finally got to trying to force religion on me enough was enough. Be glad I paired it down. That happened over the course of about an hour yesterday in which I think I was the only person he was talking to. He probably posted 8 messages for my every 1 response. And my responses were no more then 8 works a piece. Apparently broken furs cant take a hint.

Current Mood: scared
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