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Here's something.

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She was talking about the MIfur forum, and I had mentioned it was relatively dead compared to what it used to be. (Yeah yeah. I stand corrected.)


Brokenfur: Its not dead - because I breathed life into it.

Brokenfur: And now I'm being punished for it

nightflurry: you...breathed life into it. That's a little overdramatic don't you think?

Brokenfur: It was a figure of speech ><;

nightflurry: Pretty akward one

Brokenfur: Its how I talk?

nightflurry: Makes yoiu sound totally full of yourself :P

Brokenfur: I'm a writer. ><; I talk different than most people, because I have my own style.- That i've created. It was a way to describe something, in a manner of speaking. Two people have told me already it was dead before I came. - and now its alive again. So. Think what you want.

Brokenfur: I'm probably the least full of myself person you could ever meet to be honest.

Brokenfur: And its because Life has Jaded me. The things I've been through, have made me a better person, and I've learned.

nightflurry: You don't sound like it. But I don't know you well enough.

Brokenfur: See, you dont know me at all and yet here you hvae this preconsieved notion about me. Thats totally absurd.

Brokenfur: *have

nightflurry: No, I'm going on what little I do know. I'm trying to ignore that and get to know you better. You're not helping

Brokenfur: To be honest I really dont care what you think, I dont care what most people think of me, I'm who I am IRL online, and if you cant deal with it, then thats your own problem. I'm me, I dont hide behind a fasod of someone I'm not to make myself look better, I am - the person I am down to the core.

nightflurry: I don't even know you IRL xD Already assume I hate you. Ya know what. Have it your way. Isn't worth my time to even try. Oh, and I write too, but I don't write novels about my own character history because I'm not egotistical enough to think anyone gives a flying fuck. I don't make a big deal about breathing life into something by making a few posts on a message board either. Saving a few people from a burning car wreck? That's a savingI can respect, and I've done that. Guess how often I tell people :P About never. I gave it a try, you couldn' take the barest hint of a question that you percieved as harsh. Jaded my ass. Enjoy life
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