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Extra Special Helping.

Cross posted from my LJ. I don't even know where to start.


Random IMer wants me to meet their random friend randomly for a possible roommate when I never said I wanted a roomate anywhere? O.o Eh?.. just read it, it's pretty good.

[13:09] BrokenFur: you got a space to rent?

[13:10] nightflurry: No.. who's this anyway?

[13:10] BrokenFur: from the boards you replied to

[13:10] nightflurry: which one would that be :P

[13:11] BrokenFur: michiganfurs

[13:11] nightflurry: ah.. when did I say I had room? o.o

[13:11] BrokenFur: just asking

[13:11] nightflurry: Who are ya on there?

[13:12] BrokenFur: http://www.michiganfurs.com/forum/index.php?topic=5271.0

[13:13] nightflurry: -nodnod- Yeah, sorry. I'm looking into buying a house this year but right now I got nothing

[13:13] BrokenFur: well, he's driving near you atm... mind if he visits?

[13:14] nightflurry: who?

[13:14] BrokenFur: Elphias

[13:15] BrokenFur: that's his FA name, too

[13:16] nightflurry: Ok o.o Well that person wasn't in the thread you linked me to... and no. Sorry. I got work soon and besides this is a bit creepy.  I mean if I had said I was looking for a roomate I guess I can understand but not with someone just randomly messaging me and linking me to a thread when I ask who they are then mentioning some random third person and asking if they can stop by?

[13:18] BrokenFur: chill out

[13:18] BrokenFur: i mean, you wouldn't know me anyways

[13:19] BrokenFur: i just ask cuz ya know making new friends is 'social'?

[13:19] BrokenFur: something unheard of, I know.

[13:27] nightflurry: I don't let random internet people over to my place, sorry dude. Especially when they don't say who they are and are asking for a third person to drop by :P You want to make friends that's fine but this is one weird ass method. Tell your friend to talk to me on his own if he wants.

No clue who this guy was and his link he provided didn't really correspond with what he was talking about.
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