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To get the ball rolling...

Since this is the post that inspired the creation of this community I figured it should be the first post made. I've crossposted this from my own journal.

From the bowels of the internet cometh he

Why is it that the most broken furries ever seem to message me? I got a message from someone I’ve never met or spoke to yesterday that managed to hit practically every annoyance on the head. It started out with a fairly minor one and just built. Unfortunately I was using a system that does not have logging turned on so I can’t just paste the conversation in, but I shall paraphrase.

Brokenfur: Hey! I’m from Michigan too!

Me: Neat! Pleased to meet you

Brokenfur: I’m a fox/dragon/wolf/tiger/raccoon hybrid. I started off as just a fox then I decided I wanted to be a wolf but I didn’t want to give up the black paws so I was then a wolf with fox paws and a fox tail then I decided I wanted dragon wings but didn’t want to be a full reptile so I added wings, then I decided I wanted stripes like a tiger and then I got tired of my fox tail so now I have a raccoon tail and the raccoon mask around my eyes. that a fact.

Brokenfur: Yeah I think I’m the only babyfur who is a Fox/dragon/wolf/tiger/raccoon. I usually get my character drawn wearing a diaper with paws across the front. I’m into vore too.

Me: ...well isn’t that special.

Brokenfur: Yeah vore is great *eyes your footpaws hungrily.*

Me: Huh?

Brokenfur: Just thinking about eating you. I always start form the feet and work my way up. I really like footpaws. Could you send me a picture of yours?

Me: Um... no.

Brokenfur: I love looking at pictures of feet, and fursuit feet. I think I read that you make fursuits.

Me: From time to time.

Brokenfur: That’s cool, I wish someone would make me a suit, but I’ve got no money.

Me: Yeah fursuits are expensive...

Brokenfur: Could you make me a suit? I don’t have any money but I’d be really grateful!

Me: I don’t have money and time to spend on people I don’t know.

Brokenfur: But you do know me, we’ve been talking. Plus I mean we’re both furries so we’re practically family. Besides even if we aren’t we’re all brothers in Christ. Have you been saved?

Me: *Franticly clicks the block button*

Now I would have ended it sooner but I was kind of curious how far he would go. I mean its ok to have fetishes but you dont throw them in someones face in teh first 5 minutes of conversation. When he finally got to trying to force religion on me enough was enough. Be glad I paired it down. That happened over the course of about an hour yesterday in which I think I was the only person he was talking to. He probably posted 8 messages for my every 1 response. And my responses were no more then 8 works a piece. Apparently broken furs cant take a hint.
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