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In need of ritilin

Oy, I just wake up and all of a sudden this fur jumps at me, typing a mile a minute.

(1:45:09 PM) *Broken-fur*: Hi. Are you there?
(1:45:18 PM) *Broken-fur*: hi im *Broken-fur* formt he forum
(1:45:25 PM) *Broken-fur*: how are you ?
(1:45:32 PM) *Broken-fur*: sarry spellings bad
(1:46:34 PM) dark tigger: yo
(1:47:43 PM) *Broken-fur*: hello
(1:47:50 PM) dark tigger: I'm doing alright *scratches head* just woke up
(1:47:51 PM) *Broken-fur*: how are you ?
(1:48:02 PM) *Broken-fur*: thats cool
(1:48:04 PM) *Broken-fur*: im good to
(1:49:44 PM) *Broken-fur*: umm are you into werewolves art at all or comic books or video games or movies or waching on poltics or poltical history of world war two thos are some of my intrest as is scifi stuff umm i like girls that wearin black dog collars umm sorta with percieings and highlights of red int here hair umm also girls that like to wear boys sweatpants if thats a problum i just find it cute on some girls lol i don't know what do you like?
(1:51:15 PM) *Broken-fur*: i hope that is't two hard to understand im not vary good with grammer lol sarry
(1:57:20 PM) *Broken-fur*: you must be busy im gessing i hope that did't disturb you or anything?

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